Aimi says

Today’s clothing haul while thrifting

  • Floral Printed Blazer (Outfit 1)
  • Black Leather Side Bag (Outfit 1)
  • Lace Ruffled Chiffon Long Sleeve Blouse (Outfit 2)
  • Lace Ruffled Long Sleeve Button Up (Outfit 3), I realize it’s so tacky but I’m in loveee, plus it’ll be great for photoshoots.
  • Steve Madden, 1957 Bronx Windbreaker (Outfit 4)
  • Boyfriend Fit Chambray Button Up (Outfit 5)
  • Fitted Light-wash Ralph Lauren Chambray Button Up (Outfit 6)
  • Black Leather Laptop/Messenger Bag (Outfit 6), Perfect for class next year.
  • High-waisted jeans, which I’m about to make into cut-offs tomorrow
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